What Am I Meant To Be Doing?

Imagine for a moment you were asked to be Ezekiel… God asked him to do some pretty outrageous things! In Ez. 4 God told him to lie on his side for 390 days in a bid to “bear” Israel’s sin, … Continued


  I have been blessed with an iPhone and one of the things that an iPhone does is indicate when battery life is decreasing. It will warn you when your battery hits 20%, it will again warn you when your … Continued

Drawing Near To God

The most important relationship that you and I have as believers is our relationship with God. I find myself saying this a lot recently, because I believe every other relationship flows from this one. James gives some great advice in … Continued

Heart People

The heart is an incredible thing, capable of great evil but also capable of great good. The heart in Scripture signifies the center of human emotion and seat of total personality of an individual. All that we do proceeds from … Continued