Deep and Wide Day 10 // Restoring Freedom

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10th May // Freed – Day 10 // Restoring Freedom

 Reading – Gal 5

In Galatians 5:1 Paul makes an interesting statement. He says this, “It was for freedom that Christ has set us free.” Sounds like he is stating the obvious doesn’t it and yet that statement is so pivotal to our understanding of Christ’s intentions for us. Why was He willing to die for our freedom? What was His motivation? Why did He set us free? Simply so we could be free. No ulterior motive. Jesus simply wants you to know what it is like to live completely free!!!

The word used for freedom and free in this verse is from the Greek word ‘eleutheros’ which means to be legally freed, that is no one has any legal right or license to enslave you. Did you hear that? Because of what Christ did NO ONE has any legal right or license to enslave you. NO ONE! You are not enslaved to your past, you are not enslaved to your sin, you are not enslaved to satan, you are not enslaved to public opinion. NO ONE has any legal right to enslave you.

Jesus Christ didn’t just come to make you clean, He came to make you free and because of His incredibly powerful transactional act on the cross He has successfully ensured your release. When you give your life to Christ you personalize that act and step into the freedom purchased for you. After that moment anything or anyone that tries to enslave you has no legal right to do so. NONE!

However Satan is intent on ensuring you stay a captive. If he cannot take your actual freedom he will take your sense of freedom. He will try to make you believe you are still a slave to that addiction, that you are still tied to the guilt of your past, that the person who speaks badly about you has some kind of power over you and your future that they do not. If we are not careful these lies of the enemy can make us live like birds in a cage while the door is wide open. You were not made for that cage. You cannot live and die in that cage.

Jesus Christ’s intention has always been to restore your freedom. Even today He invites you to walk further into this truth – IT WAS FOR FREEDOM THAT CHRIST HAS SET US FREE.

By Charlotte Curran

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