Deep and Wide Day 14 / Freedom From A Fear Of The Future


14th May // Freed – Day 14 // Freedom From The Fear Of The Future 

Reading – Psalm 32

Ever been part of a team building exercise? You know the ones where you have to work together to get the task completed? One popular task is where a team member is blindfolded and the rest of the team lead them through an obstacle course to the finish line. The task got me thinking. Isn’t life like this? We can feel as though we are the person blindfolded and this journey of life is our obstacle course.

Life can be so uncertain with its twists and turns and obstacles along the way. We can begin to worry about our future. We fear stepping out into tomorrow because we do not know what is up ahead. The reality is that life has a few bumps in the road, if we step out not knowing what’s in front of us, just like that person that was blindfolded, we could end up tripping, stumbling, or even falling.

But in this task, though the person is blindfolded, they are not alone. The rest of the team are there to guide and direct. They complete the task together. Sometimes the team members all shout over each which makes it extremely difficult for the person blindfolded to know which way to go. It is important that they pick out one voice and follow their instructions.

In this journey of life at times we may feel as though we are doing it blindfolded. It may feel like the many voices around us make it difficult to know what way to go. But it is important to remember that there is one voice above them all that we need to tune our ear to, a voice we can trust. That is the voice of our Father, God. We must get away from the busyness of life and listen to what He is saying and where He is leading.

God has said, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.” In this obstacle course called ‘life’ you have nothing to fear if you let Him lead you. Child of God you may not be able to see what’s next but God can. Of this I am sure. There is no obstacle that can get in the way of you His child that He cannot bring you over.

You are not a slave to the fear of your future. You are free to live in hope and expectation of what God can do in and through you. You may not know what is up ahead, but of this you can certain, He is Lord, He has got you and He is for you. So go and start enjoying this life journey!

By Sarah McClatchey

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