Deep and Wide Day 22 // We Are Commissioned!

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22nd May // Commissioned – Day 22 // We Are Commissioned!

Reading – Peace be with you. As the father has sent me so I am sending you. And with that he breathed upon them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit” John 20:21-22

Pete and Jenna’s story –

Everything changed in one church service. They had two young boys, very promising careers, a beautiful house and nice cars to drive. Then in one church service God called them to go and spend their lives loving the forgotten. They started ministering to the poor and spending time with the homeless in their town. God then began to give them a heart for the children in South East Asia. They adopted a girl from there called Priscilla. Soon after that they sold their house and belongings and moved their now 3 children to South East Asia. They had nothing and knew little of language and culture. They volunteered in orphanages ministering to babies with cleft palates who had a problem swallowing. Many of the babies were malnourished and dying. Jenna cried out to God for a way to help. She ordered bottles and pillows from America and tried to teach the nurses how to feed the babies. She goes on to say, “One day there was a little girl crying and she was so tiny she could fit in my hand. I said to one of the nurses, “Can I please hold her?” She said, “Yeah go ahead.” and I picked her up. Immediately I heard the voice of the Lord like I had never heard it before. I heard him say, “Tell her I heard her cry and that’s why I sent you.””

A whole family moved across the world because God heard one child cry. God sends people because he hears the cries of others. God constantly hears the cries of the broken and hurting and he sends us to them to bring Jesus the Hope of the World. This is what it means to be commissioned! We are sent just as the Lord Jesus was sent because he hears cries.

There are huge changes that are taking place in the global church today. These are not minor changes of styles, buildings or décor, these are big radical changes in our understanding of what it means to be sent. The incarnation of Jesus is all about the fact that he came and dwelt among people. He lived among us, he became like us, he was one of us. This is the change that is happening in Church. People are being reminded God has sent us to live and dwell among others to bring the hope of the gospel because he hears their cries. We are sent into this world to be incarnational. The Church is beginning to see that we cannot just sit back in a building; we have to get out of the walls. We are not some group trying to extract people one by one from a corrupt system. We are people called to dwell among others. He sent his son to a world crying out for him. He sent us to be incarnational, to live among others with the good news of Jesus Christ.

By Ross McBride

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