Deep & Wide Day 5 // I Found Something Better

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5th May // Found – Day 5 // I Found Something Better

Reading – Song of Solomon 3:1-4

Have you ever seen a toddler in a group of kids trying to protect a toy? Even if it’s just a little red wooden block, the moment that somebody else wants it, it becomes the most valuable asset in the room. So they will tuck the toy under their chubby toddler arm and carry it everywhere, refusing to set it down even for a moment in case someone else takes it. Now, picture an adult entering that room with a brand new better toy. The toddler has a choice to make, keep what they have, the toy everyone else wanted, or drop it and grab the new better thing. All of a sudden the block that once seemed so valuable, that had been held and cherished and protected is abandoned as if it is rubbish in light of the new better thing.

I think this is what happens when we truly see God. Having spent years gathering items of perceived value under our arms, things that the crowd seem to find valuable, that everyone wants, we suddenly catch a glimpse of something new, something better. God walks into the room, into our lives and we see Him and when we do the stuff we’ve been gathering seems like rubbish in comparison. We drop it at our feet and run arms open into what He has for us.


But as we walk with Him for a time our arms can get cluttered again. Without realizing we begin to pick up little red wooden blocks worth nothing and behave as if they are valuable assets that must be protected at all costs. We begin to set down things of greater eternal value to protect our careers, our earthly relationships, our finances. With our arms full of these little red blocks we abandon the one thing that actually counts… living a life for God and with God.


Song of Solomon 3:4 says, “I found the one my heart loves. I held him and would not let him go.” You see the beloved one had realized this beautiful truth; when we find Him we should let everything else go. All of a sudden the things that humanity is grabbing for appear like little worthless red blocks.


Are you feeling weighed down and burdened? Maybe you need to let go of some little red blocks and grab hold of the one your heart really loves, your beautiful Saviour and never let Him go.


By Charlotte Curran

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