Deep & Wide Day 6 // I Found A Home

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6th May // Found – Day 6 // I Found a Home

Reading – Psalm 84

We have all heard the phrase “home is where the heart is”.  It can be found on lots of quirky home accessories to create that aesthetic dressing in our living spaces, but what does the phrase actually mean?

When googled, the definition is “Your home will always be the place for which you feel the deepest affection, no matter where you are”. 


A forum style website lists various public responses;

“Your home is the place where you spend most of your time, where you desire to be at the end of the day, you open the door, feel the warmth and safety of the walls surrounding you, comfort and fellow feeling between you, your home and your family.  This is, in a way, your condensed world.”

“Home is where the people you care about are. It is not a house, geographical location or lifestyle.  It is the people you love.”

“Heart is peace and love.  So home is where peace and love is.”

We can assume that these definitions relate to actual homes where we live but we can also take affinity in our spiritual home.


Whether in search of a relationship with God, or having already committed to following Jesus, our Heavenly Father does not like to see us stuck out in the cold.  Homelessness is not what He wants for our spiritual lives because through His Holy Spirit guiding and leading us, when we are found we find a home.  Ruth 3:1 “My daughter, I must find a home for you, where you will be well provided for.”


Not only does our Heavenly Father provide but He also wants us to be blessed dwelling in His house.  This is matched with the desire within our hearts and souls for a longing to be in God’s house.

Psalm 84:3 “Even the sparrow has found a home and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young – a place near your altar…”

Sparrows and swallows look to build their nests under the eaves of houses where they and their children are sheltered from the winds. It is warm and safe and most importantly inaccessible to enemies.  Our Heavenly Father desires the same securities for us, therefore every believing heart has every reason to find its home in the house of God.

Home is where the heart of God is in His people.

Take some time today to pray over what this spiritual home means to you.


By Laura Martin

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