Deep & Wide Day 8 // We Got Our Start In Freedom

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8th May // Freed – Day 8 // We Got Our Start In Freedom 

Reading – Gen 2

What is freedom? The modern perception in our world is that freedom is the right to do whatever we want, the polar opposite of boundaries and order. Yet in order to find what freedom truly is we need to know where it originated.


Freedom originated in the Garden of Eden. God made man and placed him in paradise. I can only surmise until the fall Adam and Eve’s lives were made up of walking and talking with God and each other. They lived in a world that had no sin and until the fall they lived in bodies that had no sin nature. Imagine long conversations with the Almighty about … well just about anything. Imagine a world with no sickness, no debt, no life controlling issues, a world of discovery and adventure where you revel in creation and get to spend time with the one who made it! It was paradise and I assume Adam and Eve just constantly kept saying to God “This is amazing!’ In that context of paradise God gave Adam the freedom to eat of any tree (there may have been thousands) but he said there is one I don’t want you to touch, its fruit is not good for you.

‘You may surely eat of every tree in the garden, but the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat.’ Gen 2:16-17

God gives him the world, his time, friendship, the perfect wife and places only one restriction. Does that seem like God is spoiling their fun, that he is holding out on them, or being stingy? Yet in this perfect environment, this paradise, Adam and Eve still chose disobedience. That disobedience will condemn us all and before we cast all the blame on Adam and Eve let’s remember that many times we fall into the same trap; it is not about the environment or circumstances around us, our rebellion comes from within. Paradise, true freedom was lost, but not forever, it is promised again to the believer in eternity.

That’s great but is freedom only possible in Eden and eternity? Jesus ministry was one of freedom. He refused to be bound by what others thought of him and lived completely within the boundaries the Father set. He did that as an example for us to follow and taught freedom as a promise for us to receive. We will not find paradise in a location but we can find the most incredible friendship in Jesus, a friendship where we walk and talk with him and where we are constantly saying, “Jesus this is amazing!” That is freedom and along that journey if, as a loving parent, he gives us some boundaries, we will know they are to keep us free.

By Ross McBride

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