Rising From The Ruins – Day 13 – Picking On The Weak

READ Nehemiah 5:1-13

The infamous nobles are back and It appears their character hasn’t improved. While many of the people were facing poverty, the nobles remained wealthy, so wealthy in fact they could afford to lend to poorer people. Sounds decent of them doesn’t it? The only problem is that when the people were unable to repay the loans the nobles took their children as slaves! Nehemiah was fuming, so a meeting was called and the nobles were heavily reprimanded for their callous behaviour towards those weaker than them.

Nehemiah cared about the vulnerable in society. He understood it was the responsibility of the strong to care for the weak. That principle came straight from the heart of Abba. God has always been known as the defender of the weak and we too should carry that name. But often we can be self-centered, protecting our own interests at the expense of others. This is NEVER God’s way. There are many in our society who are struggling; financially, emotionally, spiritually and it is our responsibility to share what we have to strengthen them, even if it costs us something. In fact it SHOULD cost us something, because we never know the true condition of our heart until we have to sacrifice for someone who cannot repay us.

So the nobles are called up. But amidst their poor behaviour we must at least concede this; they were open to correction. They easily admitted their fault and fixed the problem. Credit where credit is due because I think we all know how hard it is to take correction. It is so easy to see everyone else’s faults but notoriously difficult to see our own. That’s why we must welcome people into our lives who are brave enough to tell us when we are getting it wrong. We need those people! And like the nobles we need to be able to lay down our pride, admit guilt and work to fix what we have broken. Otherwise we will remain the same forever, when God’s destiny for us is to be changed from glory to glory. Where do you need to accept correction today?


Help me Lord to accept your voice of correction no matter how you send it. Amen.

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