Rising From The Ruins – Day 17 – Finish Line Theology

READ Nehemiah 6:15-19

After what must have seemed like the longest 52 days in history, the people finally finish the wall. And as the last piece is fitted, the strangest thing happens… The enemy, who up to this point had been completely relentless, suddenly lose their confidence and run afraid. These guys who had been attacking the build over and over again suddenly disintegrate overnight? Why? Well because of finish line theology. There is something in the spiritual act of crossing the line that debilitates the enemy. A task completed causes him to lose power.


That is why the attack becomes so strong just before the finish line. When we are nearing the end of a job for God, or about to cross over into something new, the battle can get fierce. Why? Because you aren’t the only one who can see the finish line, Satan can see it too. So he will do everything in his power to bring you down just before the line.

And so God’s word is full of powerful directives to finish well. Verses likeI have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith’ in Timothy spur us on to not settle for anything short of completion.

God is a God who finishes what he starts, and it is important that his people value finishing well too. Too often we have a series of half built towers in our lives, things we started but dropped when the going got tough, friendships we abandoned when we hit the first bump in the road. No one wants to live in a half built tower. It represents a lot of effort that has resulted in a completely useless object. You see if we really want our lives to accomplish something then we must be finishers not just starters. Because the enemy loses power when a task is completed well.

If your life consists of lots of things you started but never stuck at, maybe God is calling you to a new attitude, a finish line attitude that will not settle until the job is completed. That’s the power of finish line theology.


God, help me to finish what I start. Amen.

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