Test Page


Sam Warnock

Sam is married to Gloria. They have 2 sons Paul and Mark and 5 grandchildren. Sam has attended Portadown Elim for 45 years. Over that time Sam has been involved in many areas of ministry including caretaking, looking after the buses and youth and children’s work.


Roy Argue

Roy is married to Yvonne and has 3 children Jonathan, Kathryn and Victoria and 2 grandsons. He has been attending Portadown Elim for 33 years and is our church secretary.


Michael Watson

Michael is an auditor for Craigavon council. He is married to Karen and they have 2 daughters Lauren and Megan. Michael has been part of Portadown Elim for over 50 years. He is currently our church treasurer and worship team leader.


Keith Kernaghan

Keith works for the post office and fire service and is married to Wendy. They have 3 kids Stuart, Hannah and Jessie. Keith has been attending Portadown Elim for 30 years. Over that time Keith has been involved mostly in youth and children’s ministry.


Nigel McCulloch

Nigel is an electrician and is married to Tracy. They have 2 daughters Amy and Holly. Nigel has been at Portadown Elim for 23 years. Nigel’s electrical skills always come in handy onsite at the church. As well as being involved in maintenance and building projects Nigel has also served in our Sunday School for many years.


Alan Oliver

Alan is married to Wendy and works for the church as the project co-ordinator of Helping Hands. They have 2 sons, Stephen and Gareth and have been attending Portadown Elim for 12 years.