The Day God Bought Me Breakfast


Exhausted, that’s the only way to describe the way I felt as I trailed myself out of bed that Tuesday morning. I was nearing the end of an incredibly busy summer season of ministry. I had watched God do remarkable things in the lives of so many kids and volunteers but now, well now in this final service week of the summer I was running on empty. My body screamed for caffeine but I didn’t have time if I was going to get the church opened for the 8am prayer meeting before Holiday Bible Club.

Bleary-eyed I drove towards the church asking God all sorts of questions. Tiredness has a habit of making me feel a little overwhelmed. I asked God if he really had plans to change lives this week, I asked him if he was sure I was the one for this job, I cried a little and tried to convince him to chose someone else. Yes I was exhausted. That day I would take the reigns of club again and try my best to lead 150 kids and 40 workers to wherever God had for them. I would be teaching that day on adoption, the father heart of God. I knew that some of the kids in our care had been deeply affected by fatherless-ness and needed to hear these truths, but equally in that moment I needed my Abba, the arms of a father to strengthen me for the hours ahead.

The prayer meeting came and went and I finally made my way to the church kitchen. I had 30 minutes before team meeting, just enough time to grab some caffeine. But as I poured myself a cup one of the workers called me. Oh well, sustenance would have to wait. She asked me to come with her. As I caught her eye I realised she was looking a little sheepish, nervous even, and that in turn made me anxious. I wasn’t quite sure what I was walking towards. She took me by the arm and guided me out into the bright sunshine of the car park. As we walked towards her car she began her speech; she had been practicing, I could tell. “Listen, I hope I haven’t got this wrong, but I have something for you.” Now I was intrigued. As we got to her car she opened the door and a little brown paper bag sat on her passenger seat. “Look I hope I’ve heard right,” she continued “but God woke me up this morning and he said “There’s a wee girl down at church right now and she’s been up from the early hours of this morning and she hasn’t had time for breakfast. If she’s going to do the work I’ve given her to do she needs to eat and keep her strength up so I want you to go and buy her breakfast and bring it to her.” She handed me the bag and continued “I told him I couldn’t do that cause you would think I was nuts but he said if I couldn’t do an easy thing like buy someone breakfast then he couldn’t trust me with anything bigger. So I hope I heard right.” In the bag was a bacon bap and pure orange, my absolute favourite. I didn’t really know what to do in that moment. It was like all my questions were answered by that one act of a volunteer’s faithful obedience to God – yes God did have plans for that day and yes he was sure I was the one for the job, and if that wasn’t enough, on the day I was to teach on the father heart of God, he stepped into my life in the mundane but very father-like role of ensuring his little girl had breakfast.

Even now typing this I’m filling up with tears at the thought that an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent God would care enough about me to buy me breakfast just because I was tired, and nervous and I really needed it.

That worker felt ridiculous that day being sent on that random errand by God, until she saw my face at the exchange. As I explained to her the circumstance a broad smile danced across her face, a smile that comes when you realise you heard God speak and you obeyed. I’m so grateful for her gutsy obedience. It changed my week. No it changed more than that, it brought me closer to the God I love, so much closer. Who would have thought a bacon bap could do that?!

So that was the day God bought me breakfast, the day God showed me he cares enough about me to concern himself with little things like my nutritional health, and the day I learnt again the importance of listening to him and doing what he says even if he asks me to do something random like go buy someone breakfast.

I love him, he loves me, and you know what? He loves you too with exactly the same love. We are immeasurably blessed to be adopted into his family and loved like sons and daughters. We have the best father in the world.

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