Deep and Wide Day 12 // Freedom From Accusation


12th May // Freed – Day 12 // Freedom From Accusation

Reading – Rom 8:1-2 / Col 2:14

When I was 17, I wasn’t that concerned about passing my driving test.  I was happy enough that my friends and my parents drove me around. Then for Christmas that year ‘Santa’ brought me some driving lessons. (Who knew elves made those?!) So I did the lessons, I passed the test and I remember that first moment I drove with no one else in the car. I felt so free. I was driving up the road shouting like Mel Gibson in Braveheart “FREEEEEDDDDOOOOOMMMMM”. We’ve all had moments like that where something in our circumstances shifts and we feel a real sense of freedom.

In the Bible, we see sin entering the human race in the Garden of Eden. We were designed to walk with God but sin got in the way.  But then Jesus stepped into the story. He stepped onto earth, lived a sinless life, died a sinner’s death and rose again victoriously so that we might be brought back into relationship with God. Our circumstances shifted and freedom opened up.

God forgives us for our sin, and most of us have no problem accepting that.  Our problem is usually forgiving ourselves. You see with sin comes regret and with regret comes guilt and shame.

Our enemy, the devil, takes all that knowledge and as you begin the journey towards freedom from guilt and shame he starts to accuse and condemn. We shouldn’t be surprised; the Bible does call him ‘the accuser’. “God can’t use you, look what you’ve done”, “All you ever do is make mistakes”, “Don’t even try. You will just fail again”. Accusation after accusation, condemnation after condemnation. It ties us up, it holds us back, it stops us walking into freedom.

How about instead of focusing on the voice that wants you to fail, you focus on what God says for a minute, the one who is for you, the one who has bought your freedom. What does He have to say about the matter?

“So NOW there is NO condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. And because YOU BELONG TO HIM, the power of the life-giving Spirit has FREED YOU from the power of sin that leads to death.”  Romans 8:1-2

“He CANCELLED the record of the charges against us and TOOK IT AWAY by nailing it to the cross.” Colossians 2:14

No condemnation. Record has been cancelled. Nailed to the Cross. You belong to Him. You are free!

Let that be the lens through which you view your life.  Yes we’ve all made mistakes, but now because of what Jesus has already done, there is no condemnation. No accusation will stand.  We are free.

And so now when the accusation comes, we come back with the truth of God, “Yes I know I made that mistake, but Jesus died for me, so now there is no condemnation. He cancelled my record of wrong. I am free!”

By Darren McClatchey

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