Deep and Wide Day 17 // Connection Pleases the Father


17th May // Connected – Day 17 // Connection Pleases the Father

Reading – Psalm 133

I remember a couple of summers ago I hurt my left shoulder. To this day I have no idea how it happened (I do know that it was definitely not through exercise or heavy lifting as I am an expert at avoiding those things) but whenever I moved my arm I used to wince as a sharp pain shot across my shoulder. Now most people would probably go to see a doctor or a physiotherapist however my plan of action was just to use my left arm as little as possible and hope the pain went away! You may or may not be surprised to learn that not only did the pain in my arm not get any better but my right arm started to get sore as well because I was using it to lift everything. Even though my left arm was technically still connected to my body when I wasn’t using it, it was actually bringing stress and upset to the rest of my body because it wasn’t being used properly. We are amazingly and wonderfully made but all the parts of our bodies are created to work together in harmony.

That is God’s plan for His Church as well. God looks upon His children as His body here on earth. Once you become a Christian you become part of that body. While His Church is universal He places us in local churches where we can grow in Him by working together to bring His love to a dying world. Each of us has individual strengths, weaknesses and personalities but His plan is that we bring all of that and work together in unity. Our unity does not come from the fact that we always agree; our unity comes from staying where God has placed us and working together to bring the Good News of His Gospel to the people around us. And when this happens God is pleased. Psalm 133 tells us that this place of harmony and unity is good and pleasing to God and in turn will bring about the blessing of God. Today think of where God has placed you in His body. Are you merely connected? Or are you working with your fellow brothers and sisters in unity to usher in God’s purposes here on earth?


By Karen McCracken

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