Deep & Wide Day 2 // When God Can’t Find

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2nd May // Found – Day 2 // When God Can’t Find

Reading – Genesis 18:20-33

Imagine a world absent of the presence of God where there was no hope for anyone. Imagine a nation’s state of affairs when all its leadership was devoid of Godly influence and would look anywhere but to God for help. What would become of such a place where the sins of the people exceeded all bounds of law and justice?


Some of the saddest verses recorded in the Bible involve the absence of hearts willing to stand for God. God works through and is present in people whose hearts are turned toward Him. In fact the bible says, for the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him (2Ch 16:9). But what happens when no one can be found?


In both the readings today we see the devastating effects upon nations and people when there is no one to stand in the gap. It isn’t pretty reading; in Ezekiel 22 God pours out His indignation and consumes with the fire of His wrath, recompensing their deeds on their own heads. In Genesis 18 Sodom and Gomorrah is set up for destruction by fire and brimstone, all because God couldn’t find anyone there to stand in the gap.


Time and time again throughout scripture God sought a heart that would be devoted and dedicated to His purposes, He searched for a heart willing to go after His heart. Sometimes He found such a heart, and tragically, others times He didn’t. But even the hearts that He did find could not have possibly stood in the gap for humanity, as was required.


We praise God today that He in His loving wisdom did not leave finding a heart to fulfil His purposes to chance. But God the Father incredibly provided One in His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus undeniably stands in the gap for humanity for all time, He will always be found when sought, He cannot fail – because quite simply – He is perfect in every way and in all of His ways. Because He was found in the Father’s will we can be found in the Father’s arms.


In our age of grace, the world will never be hopeless because of the presence of Jesus. But we still have a mission, God is still searching for servants to outwork His heart. Will you be one of them?


By Stuart Argue

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