Deep & Wide Day 4 // Hide and Seek

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4th May // Found – Day 4 // Hide And Seek

Reading – 2 Chronicles 15:15 All the people of Judah were overjoyed because of the oath, since they took the oath wholeheartedly. They took great pleasure in looking for Yahweh and He let them find Him. So Yahweh surrounded them with peace.

When I was thinking about writing this devotional I couldn’t get the game of Hide & Seek out of my head. The rules of Hide & Seek are easy to understand and any age can play. In fact the more the merrier. However participants get the most enjoyment from the game when it is played properly and for this to happen 2 things must occur. Firstly the people hiding must pick a good hiding place; somewhere that is not too easy nor too difficult to find. And secondly, and perhaps more importantly the seeker must be a person that is willing to look. There is no point in hiding when the person who is meant to be searching is only half hearted or keeps being distracted by other things! When both of these things happen the game will be successful.

We are continually told throughout the Bible that God wants us to search for Him and when we do that with our whole hearts we will find Him. Yes there is work on our part. The word ‘search’ means to explore or examine in order to discover’. Seeking God requires time and effort however it is not a pointless search because God wants to be found by us. How frustrating would it be if He was just continually out of reach? Like the person who picks a really hard hiding place? After a while you would get totally fed up looking. I love the part in 2 Chron 15:15 where the Bible says ‘They took great pleasure in looking for Yahweh and He let them find Him.’ This conjures up images for me of a Heavenly Father and His children taking great delight in one another. He wants us to make an effort to search for Him as it shows we are serious in wanting to know Him but He doesn’t make it too difficult for us. He wants to be found.

And what happens when we find him? When we truly find Him we discover that our salvation is through Him and Him alone. He is what our soul longs for. We discover that no matter what goes on around us we are complete in Him because we were made for Him. He delights in us searching for Him and when He lets us find Him we find our soul’s rest.


By Karen McCracken

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