Deep & Wide Day 7 // Found Ready

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7th May // Found – Day 7 // Found Ready

Reading – 2 Peter 3

I am an organiser. I love having everything planned out. So when I agree to do something with friends, I always write it in my diary so I don’t double book. I love spending time with the people close to me.

I also love having a lazy Saturday morning spent in the house in my pyjamas.

It is not good when these two loves clash.


I remember a time when I was having one of my “lazy” Saturday mornings and friend phoned to say, “I am outside your house, come on”. Surprised by the call I quickly got dressed, washed my face and ran out the door.


Once in the car I remembered this had already been planned, it was even in my diary. Why was I so surprised by the call? But in the midst of a busy week I hadn’t even checked my diary. I was caught up in my own wee world and forgot that my friend was coming for me.


Throughout God’s word He tells us to be ready for there is a day that was planned a long time ago, a day when Christ would return for His church.

We do not know the day or the hour, we can’t put it in our diary, but don’t be fooled, He is coming back and we must be ready. We cannot leave it to the last moment to jump up and rush around trying to get ready when He does come. It doesn’t work like that.


In the twinkling of an eye, like a thief in the night He will come again. That’s how quickly it will happen and we, as the children of God, should always be ready for that moment, the moment when He bursts through the clouds to bring us home. We cannot be found lazing around. There is no time for that. We need be in the middle of all that God is doing, spending time in communion with Him, loving Him, making our peace with Him. We should be living every day as if it is our last, living every day ready.


We should be living close enough to Him that when that moment arrives, we meet Him saying, “I knew you were on your way, I have been watching and waiting. I have been preparing for this day. Lord I am ready to go home.”


By Sarah McClatchey

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