Deep & Wide Day 9 // Stolen Freedom

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9th May // Freed – Day 9 // Satan Stole Our Freedom

Reading – Gen 3 / 2 Tim 2:26

It’s never a nice feeling to have something stolen from you. Unfortunately I have personally experienced theft first hand, one time even at gunpoint. You are left feeling angry, violated and missing something or some things that were unlawfully taken from you against your will. Generally people will almost always take steps to regain what was stolen from them, usually by phoning the police!

But there is something much more important than our material possessions that has been stolen from us – it’s our freedom. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but the devil has a plan for your life – here it is: the thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy John 10:10.

Back in Genesis chapter 3 satan’s plan for you began to unfold when humanity fell victim to the temptation of evil and sin entered our world. One hideous result of sin’s arrival was a contract of horrific bondage that every human is born with: being separated from God and under the influence of sin. Satan literally stole people’s freedom; he stole your freedom! He wrapped up in chains every human heart and left us exposed to the elements of sin, hurt, pain, suffering, destruction and death. What’s just as tragic is many in the world haven’t realized that they have been robbed because they have never seen, experienced or heard of the freedom God has for them.

The bad news is this: we in ourselves are totally helpless to regain any of that freedom that God intended for us. But the extraordinarily great news is: Jesus has bought and paid for our freedom! He sets captives free, removes chains from lives and wants to dispense freedom daily into our hearts.

The million-dollar question is how? Jesus said: And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32). Satan loves to deceive, control, manipulate and even kill with poisonous lies, but he is not strong enough to withstand Jesus. The words Jesus speaks are truth and they bring life. The Bible tells us to abide in and believe His Word.

Satan may have stolen your freedom, but King Jesus has bought it back on the cross of Calvary and longs for you to walk in the unbounded incredible freedom He has won for you.

By Stuart Argue

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