Make Room Day 5 – Mary

DAY 5: Mary

Read: Luke 1:46-56

Key Verses: Luke 1:46-47 My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Saviour (NKJ)

Don’t you hate it when someone comes up to you and starts telling you all this wonderful news and you know, you just know that they are going to drop a bombshell on you. Imagine what Mary must have felt when out of nowhere an angel shows up at her place and starts talking to her.

Mary was a common, ordinary Jewish girl who was engaged to a common ordinary Jewish boy named Joseph. She wasn’t from some prestigious family, he wasn’t some religious leader, and neither one of them were looking for anything miraculous, anything supernatural or impossible to happen in their life. She would have been content just to go on and live her ordinary life but God had different and pretty significant plans for Mary’s life.

So what was Mary’s response to the news that not only was she going to conceive but that her cousin Elizabeth was going to have a baby? In fear and trembling, the uncertainty and the undoubtedly many questions, her response was to worship the Lord (v46). Nothing is impossible with God! That’s the only refuge Mary had right then. That’s the only thing she could count on in the midst of this announcement from the angel.

I guess most of us are not going to get a visit from an angel but sometimes God’s promptings in our life don’t get past our ears because we fail to believe that nothing is impossible with God. You see, with God amazing announcements are accompanied by amazing assignments. Christmas is the story of God doing the impossible and God chooses the improbable to do the impossible.

There will be times when God has to come into our lives and do the impossible. That’s the Christmas message. There will be a time when He has to break into our lives and do the impossible in our marriages, our health, our family and in our relationship with Him. God wants to do the impossible in our lives but we must allow Him to do it. I wonder how many of us will miss the best God has to offer because we refuse to step out and let Him do it?

May we, in this season of celebration, just as Mary’s response, not forget to worship Him for his goodness, forgiveness and salvation and above all because He is the God of the impossible.

By Michael Watson

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