Rising From The Ruins – Day 1 – How Are Your Walls?

Rising From The Ruins cover

READ Nehemiah 1:1-4

The year was 445 BC and the man was Nehemiah, a Jew living in arguably one of the most difficult times in Jewish history. Almost 150 years before the book of Nehemiah opens, the Babylonians had ransacked the Jewish city of Jerusalem. Its people were taken into exile losing their homes and their freedom. Nehemiah had been born into this era and had never lived a day as a free man. Now as an adult he served in the kingdom of the Persians who had fought and beaten the Babylonians taking claim to the Jews and their city.

While serving in exile, Nehemiah gets a call from one of his brothers. As they chat about how things are back home in Jerusalem, his heart begins to break, for while some exiles have been allowed to return to inhabit the city and the temple has been rebuilt, the walls of Jerusalem lie in ruin. A city once proud and strong is now weakened and defenseless, left unprotected after a lifetime of battles. It matters very little that the people are back home and the temple is rebuilt if the walls lie in ruin. Broken walls make them an easy target for the enemy who can easily destroy all they have rebuilt. Their strengths will matter very little if they don’t pay attention to their weaknesses.

So will yours.

God may be doing incredible things in your life, rebuilding you, but wisdom says this, “Check out your walls.” Sometimes in life we have to take stock, take an honest look at ourselves, see where our spiritual weaknesses lie and identify the areas where the enemy gets in more easily. Then once we see the weaknesses we must work hard to rebuild the wall in that area. We can’t just hope the enemy won’t try to get in that way. We must work to keep him out.

So how are your walls? Because your strengths matter very little if you aren’t working hard to close the gap in your areas of weakness.


Lord, show me areas of my life were there is an easy access point for the enemy. Then strengthen my hand and heart for the task of rebuilding my walls. Amen.


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