Rising From The Ruins – Day 24 – Yo-yo Christianity

READ Nehemiah 9:22-38

Do you ever feel like you are going round in circles? Like you don’t ever really make any progress but always end up right back where you started?

This passage detailing the history of the Israelites shows up this kind of yo-yo Christianity. They physically and spiritually walked around in circles for years. They would come back to God with all their hearts and surrender to him, then things would go well for them as a result of his favour on their lives. But in the middle of his goodness they would forget him and do their own thing. As a result they would step out of the favour of God and their world would fall apart. Eventually they would recognize their mistake, realize their need of him and run back to him. He always restored them in these moments despite the fact he knew eventually they would fall into the same cycle again. He is so incredibly patient with his people.

But what about you and I? Are there areas of our lives where we seem to be making progress but eventually end up taking back control in that area of lives and coming out from under God’s authority?

One of the first steps in breaking these cycles is to recognize them. Where are your fault-lines in life, the places where your submission to him cracks easily and often? Once you recognize those areas you can begin to fight for them.

The second step is to ask, “How does the story end if I live and die within this cycle?” Is that what you want for your life?

If not the third step is to ask for help. Make yourself accountable to some godly friends and give them permission to frequently call you to account for that area of your life in order to keep you on track.

Christ’s sacrifice means we are no longer under sin’s bondage. We can step out of the cycle because he has already broken its power at Calvary. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Break the cycle and change the end of the story.


Lord, help me break out of the cycles that are holding me so I can move forward with you. Amen.

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