Rising From The Ruins – Day 25 – God’s Word At Work

READ Nehemiah 10

In the middle of the revival, a group of men rise up to make a solemn promise before God. They write an agreement between them and God, covering issues of purity and devotion to him, and sign it.

Their zeal and desire for surrender is so admirable. But many years later the landscape changes. By the time we reach the New Testament we can see how over the decades this dedication to God’s laws has warped into something entirely less productive. The descendants of these men become the Sanhedrin of the New Testament, the men who still protect the law, but now no longer recognize the Lawmaker. Over the years they have become so fixated on their agreement, that they miss it when Emmanuel walks into the room. And when the Son of God starts to challenge some of their long held traditions they simply cannot cope.

So they conduct a mock trial, ending in the biggest miscarriage of justice that history has ever seen. And they do it all so that they can execute the very God they claim to serve.

Over the years God’s word hadn’t softened them or made them more pliable in his hands. Instead, as they had handled it, they had grown hard and religious. They held the word but the word didn’t hold them. It seems handling God’s word, studying it, reading it, is just not enough, because no men had studied harder than these men. No, if the word is to do its work it must be allowed to shape us into someone different from the person we were yesterday. The more we allow the word to shape us, the more pliable we become. The more pliable we become, the more work God can do in us. The more work God can do in us, the more we learn to recognize God at work. And so we reduce the possibility that God would be doing something in our lives, in our communities or in our churches and we would miss it.

God is always at work, the question is are you allowing him to work on you?


Lord, may I allow your word to work on me, showing me where I need to change so that I never miss what you are doing in my world. Amen.

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