Rising From The Ruins – Day 30 – Rooming With The Enemy

READ Nehemiah 13

In this final chapter of Nehemiah, the man of God returns for a visit to Judah. When he does he hears the most bizarre and infuriating news. In his absence, Tobiah has been given a large room in the Courts of God.

Now this is the very same Tobiah who spent the whole building project attacking Nehemiah and trying to destroy the work of the Jews. He was their enemy, and they had not only invited him into God’s home, but they had given him his very own room!

You have to wonder what on earth was going through Eliashib’s mind the day he made that call. But then we know how manipulative Tobiah could be and how very persistent! Regardless of the reason, Eliashib’s choice was the worst of choices. That much was abundantly clear.

So Nehemiah returns and does the only logical thing, he evicts Tobiah immediately and puts the room back to its original use.

How often do we find ourselves in Eliashib’s shoes? God has made us his temple, and then we foolishly open up areas of our lives and invite the enemy in to not only visit, but lodge. We give him access to our choices, mindsets, actions and attitudes and then when he insists on staying, we give him run of the house.

Honestly the behaviour is bizarre! You and I know this enemy! We know his purpose is to steal, kill and destroy and yet we let him manipulate and bully us into giving him our inheritance.

At some point we must all become mature believers and like Nehemiah, evict him from the room that was never his in the first place.

We must reclaim the rooms in the temple for their original use, service of God most high.

As we close out our journey with Nehemiah I can’t help but think that it doesn’t matter how strong we build our walls if we are willing at the end of it all to invite the enemy in through the front door. It is time to get serious about guarding our temple. After all it belongs to God not us.


Lord, help me evict the enemy and give you your rightful place as Lord of my life. Amen.

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