Rising From The Ruins – Day 8 – All Things In Order

READ Nehemiah 3

As you read through Nehemiah 3, take note of the order in which God makes his lap of the city. He starts off at the Sheep Gate in the north and travels anticlockwise round the walls to the Miphkad Gate. This is not haphazard or disordered travelling. Each gate is positioned with purpose. In fact each gate can be related to our walk with Christ.

The Sheep Gate is where sacrifices were made. It symbolizes the sacrificial death of Jesus. Our relationship with God always begins at the cross. Next the Fish Gate symbolizes evangelism. After receiving Christ we are called to become fishers of men.

The Old Gate was the oldest gate in the city and symbolizes the steadfast truth of the Bible. In our walk with God we soon learn to depend on his word for the next step in the journey.

Sooner or later we all reach the Valley Gate of life, a dip in the journey. But the valley gate has its purpose, which we discover at the next gate, for then comes the Dung Gate where rubbish was expelled from the city. Valleys tend to have that effect, getting rid of spiritual refuse.

Beautifully the Fountain Gate is now in sight, symbolising the outpouring of the Spirit. Times of purification are often followed by infilling. The next gate, the Water Gate symbolises the work of the word of God combining with the Spirit to wash us clean.

As our journey nears its end, we reach the Horse Gate, speaking of warfare and our call to fight for the kingdom. Then we arrive at the East Gate, overlooking the Mount of Olives. In Ezekiel 44 this gate is shut but when Jesus returns to the Mount of Olives this is the gate though which he will enter the city, speaking of our reunion with him.

Finally we reach the Miphkad Gate. This is where David would meet the troops to inspect them and speaks of that moment in eternity when we give an account for what we have done on the journey.

Our lives may look different, but they all consist of the same series of steps, each one necessary and none that can be skipped. Whatever season you find yourself in today know this, God knows where you are on the wall, and your today is filled with purpose. Walk it well.


God, help me to walk each season well. Amen.

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