We will be celebrating the launch of our new website very soon. It will include support, our vision, ways you can connect and much more. In the time being please stay connected via social media for daily updates.


The church are currently trying to manage any potential risk to our church family, friends and to the wider community that may incur as a result of COVID-19 by following the scientific guidelines in relation to this. In partnership with Helping Hands community outreach programme we have a team that will endeavour to deliver essential goods direct to the doorstep of the elderly or vulnerable within the church and the community.
Please let us know by phoning in and leaving a message to:
Helping Hands - 02838330246
Church Office - 02838334249

We will endeavour to help as many as we can. This service will run Tuesday-Friday 10am-2pm. Helping Hands Yard will also operate as a donation drop off point during these times. Items to donate are tinned, dry foods, nappies, toilet rolls, tissues, hand sanitisers, liquid soaps, dettox, dettol wipes.

Church will also offer a drop off point available on Sundays and by arrangement through church office or social media platforms connected to church.


We believe generosity is a form of worship. We love to display our gratitude and devotion to God through tithes and offerings from the blessings God has placed in our hands.


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